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WEB Mail

you can access to your KEW mailbox from any computer with an internet connection.

No registration, No additional fee required

If you have a KEW email address ( or unique domain name), simply login to your WEB Mail to start using this convenient facility. No registration required.

What exactly is WEB Mail?

It is a web browser based email service. You can access your mailbox from any PC where you can access the Internet.

Customising your mail account

Reject receiving spam mails(spam mail blocking) Auto anti-spam filter Set up auto reply

WEB Mail allows you to customise your email account with features like “spam mail blocking”, “auto anti-spam filter”, “change password”, “mail forwarding”, etc.

Safe & Secure email delivery

With Virus check and spam mail blocking features, receiving emails is safer and less stressful.

【 Note: Synchronising your email application and WEB Mail】
Please select “Leave a copy of messages on the server” in your email application, e.g., Outlook 2003 etc if you wish to synchronise your email application with WEB Mail.

Login to your WEB Mail

Click on the link in the menu. In the pop up screen, choose your language, then enter your email address and email password to login to your WEB Mail.

1. Enter your email address (including the
 domain name) in “ID” field
2. Enter your email password in “Password”
3. Click on “OK” to login your WEB Mail

WEB Mail Manual

If you want to find out more details of WEB Mail, go to “Help” in WEB Mail.

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