Industrial Productivity Under Pressure: Unlocking Growth Through Digital Transformation

May 25, 2023

Industrial Productivity Under Pressure: Unlocking Growth Through Digital Transformation

Did you know that frontline workers make up 80% of the global workforce? They're the backbone of industrial operations, yet 60% of deskless workers are unhappy with the technology provided for their jobs. And when job hunting, over 78% of deskless workers consider the availability of appropriate technology to be an important factor. This is key especially in a time of industrial labour shortage where attracting and retaining talent is pivotal to maintaining successful operations.

At KDDI, we know that connectivity is essential in the industrial sector, but we also understand that frontline workers need the right tools to do their jobs effectively. That's why we have partnered with Atheer, a leading Industrial Frontline worker platform, to provide your organization with the necessary technology solutions to support your operations through digital transformation.

Join us on May 31st at 1pm BST for a one-hour webinar, "Industrial Productivity Under Pressure: Unlocking Growth Through Digital Transformation." Discover how digital technology can improve the productivity of frontline workers and support operations through digital transformation. During the session, we will review how Komatsu, Scherdel, Volkswagen, Berry, and other leading industrial organizations have successfully digitally transformed their frontline operations. Register in the link below:

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn how digital technology can unlock growth and improve productivity on the industrial frontline. Register for our webinar today!

Outline of the Event
Date&Time 31th May (Wed) 2023
13:00 - (BST)
Event Type Webinar(Zoom)
Entry Free Free
Language English
Organizer KDDI Europe
Webinar URL After registering, you will receive an email with the URL to view the presentation.
Amar Dhaliwal

Business Director

Amar Dhaliwal

KDDI Europe
Hassan Sherbaz

Head of Digital Transformation

Hassan Sherbaz

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