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Security MDR Service powered by CrowdStrike

World-class MDR solution

Uses AI and threat hunting to detect the world's ever-more sophisticated cyber ​​attacks.


Provided by KDDI Europe's IT Operation Centre and CrowdStrike, the world leader in the MDR industry, this service uses AI and threat hunters to detect ever-increasingly sophisticated cyber-attacks that assault customers' business environments and analysts to provides threat analysis and recovery.

KDDI Europe is a global founding partner with CrowdStrike and, as of September 2023, is the only partner capable of providing this service.

Issues in corporate security operation

Countermeasures against increasingly violent and sophisticated attacks

Cyber attacks are becoming more violent and sophisticated every day, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Securing security specialist personnel

Your company may be without specialized security personnel, and the high cost of training such personnel makes it difficult to rectify the issue.

Securing a highly rated and reliable security provider

Most security service providers spend significant amounts of time and money on threat detection and have difficulty completely preventing threats.

Features of MDR Service powered by CrowdStrike

Feature 1

Detection and analysis using CrowdStrike's global threat intelligence

No one product or service can single-handedly stop a breach. Stopping a breach requires people, processes, technology, and intelligence, all working together. Because sophisticated adversaries can move quickly and unnoticed, security teams must automatically deploy all their defense mechanisms to stop breaches, minimize their impact, and provide maximum protection. To do this accurately across your enterprise they need to receive good intelligence.

To fully support next-generation endpoint protection approaches, threat intelligence must provide more than just the tactical advantage of understanding, responding to, and resolving incidents faster. It should also provide the proactive alerts and reporting that security experts need to prioritize resources at an operational level, and truly insightful threat intelligence must also provide information that helps security leaders make right decisions and define security strategies that are tailored to the unique risks they face. The global threat intelligence provided by this service makes this possible.

Feature 2

Response to any threat, 24 hours a day

Cyber-attackers are people, and people are adaptable and creative. If defenders rely solely on technology to counter attacks, they will be put at an extreme disadvantage. A good hunting team not only discovers things that automated response systems might have missed, but also learns from past incidents and leverages accumulated crowdsourced data, analyzing it to provide customers with guidelines for responding when malicious activity is detected.

Managed hunting like this forms the cornerstone of next-generation endpoint security. Without it, customers are left with only understaffed in-house teams to monitor suspicious activity 24/7, with no guidance on how to respond to highly sophisticated attacks. Managed hunting combines the intelligence of an expert defense team to counter the ingenuity of persistent enemies.

KDDI Europe's IT Operations Centre, CrowdStrike's expert threat hunting team, and security analysts together use the robust data collected by Falcon to stop attacks that other systems and technologies cannot detect.

Feature 3

Identify threats hidden in areas within your network

CrowdStrike is the leader in cloud-based endpoint protection. The CrowdStrike Falcon platform provides instant visibility across your enterprise, protecting both connected and disconnected endpoints.

CrowdStrike Falcon can be deployed in minutes, providing actionable alerts and real-time protection from day one. Cloud infrastructure and single-agent architecture eliminate complexity and increase scalability, manageability, and speed.

CrowdStrike Falcon uses sophisticated signature-less AI and state-of-the-art behavioral detection technology with IOA (Indicator of Attack) to stop known and unknown threats in real time, protecting customer environments from all types of cyber-attacks. CrowdStrike Threat Graph, a graph database built on the cloud, instantly correlates over 100 billion security events uploaded to the cloud from all over the world every day to detect and prevent threats.

Workflow from Alert Detection to Case Closure

Why CrowdStrike?

CrowdStrike's security services have been highly evaluated in Gartner Peer Insights (*1) by numerous overseas corporations including major banks.

EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) category – 4.9 points earned
MDR (Managed Detection and Response) category – 4.8 points earned

CrowdStrike services are used by 254 of the Fortune 500 companies, 526 of the Global 2000 companies, 15 of the top 20 global banks, 5 of the 10 largest healthcare companies, and 7 of the 10 largest energy organizations.

*1 Gartner Peer Insights | CrowdStrike Reviews

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