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Security KDDI Cloud Inventory

A unified cloud management service for device security

KDDI Cloud Inventory provides centralized endpoint security, such as IT asset management and detection of security policy-violating clients.

An optimal solution for those troubled by these issues

How can I manage the security of PCs taken off company grounds?

How can I check for devices that violate company policy?

How can I stop privately-owned smartphones from connecting to the company network?

Product overview

Unifies your device security process

Usable from anywhere

Manage from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection

Multi-device support

Manage multiple device types, including Windows devices, Mac devices, and mobile devices

Automated security management

Automatic detection and display of devices with security vulnerabilities

3 languages supported

A Web console available in Chinese, English and Japanese

Global contracts

Purchase with a single Japan contract, or purchase through local contracts in other countries’ currencies

Wide variety of security controls

External device restrictions, unauthorized device detection and blocking, behavioral detection and other security features



A wide variety of security-related functions

In addition to security management, KDDI Cloud Inventory provides HDD encryption, external device (USB memory, etc.) restrictions, PC operational log acquisition, behavioral detection (malware detection), and more.


Make large reductions in your workload

Automation of security management (automatic vulnerability diagnoses) and asset management frees up your busy system administrators and makes usage easy.

Automatic vulnerability diagnoses

Provides a list of PCs lacking the latest OS and software*2 updates. By automatically located at-risk PCs, your management workload is greatly reduced.

Asset management

Once a day, information is collected from your managed devices, allowing you to manage your assets with accurate information, without the work of collecting it yourself.

*2Software such as Java, Flash, Adobe Reader/Flash Player, Internet browsers, etc.


Cloud-based system means you can start small

All you need is an Internet connection. Easily scale as needed, from managing a few dozen devices to tens of thousands.

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