Cato Cloud

A network security service for applying a global zero-trust policy

Create a network environment that meets the work needs of a global corporation

Cato Cloud as part of "Zero Trust" security

As part of "KDDI Managed Zero-Trust*", through which we support the new work styles of today's companies, we are providing this integrated service for a secure network environment to meet global companies' needs for remote work, mobile access, and more.

The six components of KDDI Managed Zero-TrustThe six components of KDDI Managed Zero-Trust

  • *Support for optimal solutions, matched to customers' configurations, offered together with the implementation of zero trust security models (no traffic, whether internal or external to your company, is trusted. When services are accessed, etc., traffic from each device is inspected and logs taken, to increase security.) Also, the one-stop managed provision of the six zero-trust components.

What is Zero Trust? (English subtitle)

"Zero trust" is new architecture of "Network & Security" category, this movie is explaining about detail "What is Zero trust" & "HOW TO implement Zero trust architecture" into IT environment step by step.

Video playback time: 7:39 (English subtitle)


Flexible support for "Work from Home" workstyle

Optimized mobile access

To protect mobile users of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, a full range of network and security features are provided. All mobile traffic is inspected by Cato's security stack, ensuring enterprise-grade security for global users.

Cloud app acceleration

Traffic for public cloud applications such as Microsoft 365, UCaaS and Cloud ERP is optimally routed from the edge to the cloud application data centers, greatly increasing performance for applications that do heavy-bandwidth operations such as file upload and download.

Security features provided on the cloud

All WAN and Internet traffic is inspected on the Cato Cloud network. Security services such as application-supporting next-generation FWaaS (Firewall-as-a Service), SWG (Secure Web Gateway), MDR*1 (Managed Threat Detection and Response) service, and anti-malware security*1.

Security policy and events can be managed from the cloud-based, self-service Cato management application.

  • *1 Optional Menu

Reducing operational burden

Using the cloud-based self-service Cato management application, all services, including network services, security services and remote access services, can be centrally controlled. This makes per-device or per-site on-site work unnecessary, greatly reducing operational burden.


Provides integrated network and security features on the cloud

Existing corporate network

Zero-trust network

Centralized support for both inside and outside your company

KDDI does end-to-end centralized management and provides seamless IP network services in over 190 countries and regions (including connections through IP-SEC and international dedicated lines). Simply order with KDDI to have the entire world easily within your reach.

KDDI accepts malfunction support requests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in both Japanese and English.

Central provision of security features

  • Next-gen firewall(WAN firewall / Internet firewall)
  • SWG (URL filtering)
  • Anti-malware
  • IPS
  • Decryption (TLS inspection)
  • MDR service

Create a global, distributed-edge platform using dedicated closed network

  • Network and security features provided at over 65+ PoPs around the world
  • Multiple PoPs in Tokyo and Osaka

Create a global, distributed-edge platform using dedicated closed network

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